Premium Body Waxing for All Ethnicities

It’s essential to take care of your skin to maintain your beauty, but it’s not easy to do alone. That’s where we come in! Signature Free Waxing provides premium body waxing for individuals of all ethnicities. Every client is unique and deserves a licensed specialist that will approach and tailor each service according to the needs and the hair type of each individual as they see fit. It’s understood that hair textures differ from one person to another, and our goal is to remove the finest to the most coarse hair types, using techniques that will ensure that every client gets the best possible results during their service. The health and safety of our clients are important to us; therefore, sanitation is our number one priority. There is absolutely NO DOUBLE DIPPING at our salon! Because we strive to keep our clients’ comfortable on every level, we choose to operate as a waxing salon, not a waxing factory. While we understand that waxing is not painless and time is everything, we go out of our way to provide services that are as painless as possible. Here at Signature Free Waxing, we choose efficiency over speed so that you will be treated with special care and have your needs met as each situation will allow.

Chanara, owner of Signature Free Waxing, became a licensed Esthetician in 2011 and with skincare being her first love, she decided to branch off into providing strictly waxing services. She researched and mastered a technique that would leave as little irritation and trauma to the skin as possible; and as Chanara’s passion for skincare grew, she not only found an effective technique but also developed a pre and post care regimen using natural ingredients. These products helped to treat, heal, and reduce irritation and inflammation associated with waxing which opened the door for her to gain and retain loyal clients.

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Women's Services Price
Brazilian $50
Bikini $25
Deep Bikini $40
Full Buttocks $20
Outer Buttocks $12
Inner Buttocks $10
Full arms$30
Upper arm $20
Lower arm $20
Shoulders $12
Underarms $20
Hands & Fingers $12
Full Legs $60
Upper Legs $30
Lower Legs $30
Feet & Toes $12
Back $35
Upper Back $17
Lower Back $17
Chest w/ stomach $35
Full Stomach $30
Lower Ab $10
Tummy Trail $5
Breasts $12
In Between Breasts $10
Eyebrow Wax $15
Eyebrow Tweeze $20
Full Face w/brow shaping $40
Full Face w/o brow shaping $30
Lip $10
Chin $10
Chin & Neck $15
Neck (nape) $10
Neck (front) $10
Ears $10
Sideburns $10
Sides of Face (cheeks) $12
Nose $10
Forehead $7
Men's Services Price
Brazilian $60
Full Buttocks $25
Outer Buttocks $15
Inner Buttocks $10
Back $45
Back w/ upper arm $60
Upper Back $20
Lower Back $20
Shoulders $12
Chest w/ stomach $45
Full Stomach $30
Lower Ab $15
Full Arms $40
Upper Arms $25
Lower Arms $25
Underarms $20
Hands & Fingers $12
Full Legs $70
Upper Legs $40
Lower Legs $35
Feet & Toes $12
Eyebrow Wax $15
Eyebrow $20
Sideburns $10
Neck (nape) $10
Forehead $7
Ears $10


Arrive Comfortable. If possible, wear loose clothing to prevent irritation to the area after the service is completed. It is very important that the area being waxed does not come in contact with a lot of friction or abrasive material. Doing so can result in inflammation, irritation or/and bumps to the area that has been recently waxed.

Arrive Clean. Come freshly showered. We understand that not all situations allow you to shower prior to the service therefore, we provide wipes that you can use to make you feel more fresh and confident before beginning your service.

Arrive Hairy. The hair should be at least 1/4 of an inch to be waxed. Please allow yourself AT LEAST 2 weeks of hair growth from the last time of shaving or using a depilatory. ie: Nair etc... Although some may prefer for their clients to trim prior to the service, WE DO NOT. We will gladly trim the area if we feel it is necessary. This will prevent having the hairs cut too short and compromising the results of the service.

Pain Killers. Take an anti- inflammatory (ibuprofen etc...) at least 45 minutes prior to your appointment to help subside the pain during your waxing service.


• No Soaking
• No Sun Exposure/Tanning
• No Hot/Steamy Showers
• No Exercising
• No Sexual Activity
• No Underarm Deoderant
• No Facial Make-up
• No Hot Tubs/Chlorinated Water
• No Fragrances/Alcohol/Spray Tanning/Irritants
• No Profuse Sweat, Friction, or Heat

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Signature Free Waxing's Essential Skin Blend is a handmade solution made up of a mixture of highly concentrated essential oils, extracts, and floral water, to help lessen conditions associated with hair removal (waxing, shaving, epilator, or hair removal creams), such as irritation, redness, and/or bumps. It is best to use before and after hair removal to help prep and condition the skin. Because of its blend of aloe juice, it is gentle enough to be used on a daily basis.

To order our Essential Skin Blend and more of our products, visit our very own online boutique by clicking the link here at Roses and Pearls Shop.

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Cancellation Policy: Clients will be charged 50% of the service if appointments are cancelled less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Clients can not be over 15 minutes late for appointment and will be charged 50% of the service for missed appointment. Clients can not be over 5 minutes late for an eyebrow wax. No Exceptions.